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FA-ST supply a comprehensive range of off line filtration rigs for use in all industries. There is a selection of standard units available and we also build bespoke units for specific industry applications.

Optional extras to the standard units include: bunds, safety float switches, alternative power supplies, pre-filters, magnetic filters, and a range of skid mount, upright trolley or wheeled configurations.

We use Mono type pumps and motors for their outstanding reliability and quality. These are available in different power supplies and pump flow rates.

Many of our units are versatile in filtering all types of viscosities of oils but we also supply oil specific units.

Although not essential, to enable us to quote you for a filtration system we require the following information:

• Indoor or outdoor use.
• Type of oil e.g. Hydraulic, gear, fuel, water or glycol based etc.
• Oil Viscosity range
• Volumes to be filtered
• Type of equipment
• Preferred Power supply e.g. 110v, 240v, air etc.
• Site specific regulations e.g. APEX
• Contamination e.g. Water, metal or dirt particles etc.

We can advise on a particular type of unit specific to your requirements and within your budget.

Oil Filtration Unit with particle counter click here to view file

Click here to view MS2 Filter Rig

Click here to view MS4 with mini bag filter and magnetic pre-filter

Click here to view MS4 filter rig

Click here for more examples of our Filter Rig range in .pdf format

For more information please contact:  info@fa-st.co.uk
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Appointed UK distributor for the
KLEENOIL product range of by pass filtration units for all types of hydraulic, transmission, diesel fuel and engine applications.